B2C Lead Generation

Your company markets a product to consumers and you want them to know
about your company, its’ offerings and entice them to get more information
and/or make a purchase. Depending on the price of what you sell, the sales
cycle might be shorter (lower ticket items) or longer (higher ticket items).

No matter which, or if both apply to your company, the sales cycle begins with
qualified prospects who have a genuine and specific interest in exactly what
your company sells. There are likely things that make you stand out from the
competition – it could be anything from the quality of what you offer to the
price or customer service, availability, any number of things.

Using those in your marketing is important, so people have a reason to
choose you based on the criteria that is important to them. Before any of
that can happen, however, they need to find you and know about your
company. Consistently generating quality leads online can be easy, simple and

When you search for something online, you tend to enter words into a
search engine that is relevant to your needs. Let’s say for example, your
company sells smoke detectors. A consumer might go to Google and enter the
words: ‘fire protection’ ‘home safety’ ‘fire prevention’ ‘protect my home from
fire’ or any of hundreds of other possible words or phrases.

The search engine then goes out – very quickly – and returns thousands
or results within seconds. What happens during that process is critical for
anyone wanting to capture their best prospects – people who are looking
NOW for what you offer. Why? Because when someone is looking for
information on a topic, the search engine is on the hunt for the most relevant
sites for their visitor.

Your job? Making your site very relevant. On an ongoing basis. There is the
costly and complicated world of Pay Per Click where you can advertise right
on the search engine home page and have your company appear. If someone
clicks you pay the competitive going rate – could be a little, but these days is
more likely a lot – in most cases a whole lot. Using ‘organic search’ marketing
techniques and getting top rankings for your site because it’s highly relevant
for what people are searching for is a great long term strategy. It’s cost
effective, it’s powerful and it works.

How does it work? When the search engines return those results, they’ve
found the sites that are – ideally – most relevant to the search. If you know
what people are searching for when they are looking for your product or
service and then incorporate that into your site in a meaningful way – you’ll
get better rankings and be more easily found and you’ll provide great value to
your potential customers.

By doing some basic keyword research you can find out exactly what people
are looking for. You’ll learn the words and phrases that come most often
to mind and are entered into the search engines. Knowing this, you can
easily incorporate these words and phrases into your site on a regular and
consistent basis so that you appear quickly to the search engines as having
relevant information on the topic people are searching for.

Let’s go back to the ‘fire prevention’ example and say that’s the most searched
term. You then create content on your site that uses that phrase. You write
articles that discuss fire prevention and why it’s important, the latest
technology in fire prevention, what you need to know about fire prevention
and why. You’ll think of dozens of topics relevant to your product once you
discover what people are searching for.

By creating content and updating it regularly, the search engines will rank
you highly for having content relevant to what someone is searching for and

it will get your company found. Update your content frequently and you’ll get
consistently good and better rankings. You also provide a service and build
trust with you marketplace by being a valuable resource and positioning your
company as not only helpful, but as industry experts. It’s a win-win strategy
– getting you recognition, more business and helping people at the same time
which creates credibility and trust which leads in turn to more sales and a
robust bottom line.

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