Education Lead Generation

Your educational institution thrives by having potential new students that want to find out what you offer, get more detailed information, look closely at how those offerings could translate into their bright future and attend your institution.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a steady stream of exactly the type and caliber of students you want to apply to your school? The internet is a great way to showcase your institution and generate qualified leads and inquiries. Do it well enough, often enough and you’ll tap into the most cost effective and efficient marketing machine in existence.

Organic search on the web is about getting found by the people interested in exactly what you offer. Sure, you can run ads – they cost a fortune and don’t necessarily bring results since you pay for people who click and look, not people who take action. And with the high cost of clicks these days, you could quickly run out of marketing budget before you got any significant results. Organic search takes a bit of legwork, but it yields big results for little cost.

Organic search is defined by being ‘found’ by the search engines because your site is full of the information being searched for by your potential students when they start to look into education options. By doing some simple keyword research and learning what people are searching for and combining that with your wealth of knowledge on your subject – which is extensive, it’s what you do after all – you can position your website to be found by the people that are most interested in your exact offerings.

Think about what you do when you’re looking for information online – chances are good that you go to your favorite search engine and type in some words and/or phrases relevant to your particular interest. Within seconds, the search engine returns thousands, if not tens of thousands of results. Do you usually look at the top few, choose one and start reading websites? That’s the pattern of most people when searching the internet.

It stands to reason then, that you need to be in one of those top positions in order to bring traffic to your site. We’ve already said you don’t need to pay to get there, even though the top two or three results are usually paid results. People in the know understand those are paid – that they’re ads, and so they tend to look below first to see what catches their eye that’s more real and credible than an ad.

That’s where you want to be. Consistently. You get there consistently by knowing what people search for and having plenty of that type of content on your site and by updating it often. The search engines constantly ‘crawl’ the internet looking not only for relevant content for search terms, but for content that is recently or frequently updated. Add more content often and give the search engines a reason to ‘look’ at and re-index your site, giving it better rankings, higher on the page.

The more often you add content, the more likely you are to get higher rankings. Higher rankings means getting found and visited by the people genuinely interested in what you offer, turning your website into a veritable lead generation machine.

Offer something that has genuine value to your visitor in exchange for their email address – and optionally, their phone number. You’ll develop a list of individuals who are interested in your institution, who you can then contact directly to discuss their needs and interests, get the right information into their hands so they can make an informed and educated decision and ultimately choose your school as their next stop on the path toward their bigger and brighter future.

It’s the place to be – where the people most interested are looking for exactly what you offer.

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