Establishing a web presence to generate leads – Part I – What is a web presence?

You have a web page up and looking good and now you need as many methods as possible to draw traffic to your page to generate sales leads online.  Here at Lead Generation Canada, you have learned many methods and techniques to help you begin to increase web traffic and generate leads.  However, the real key to finding leads online (or having them find you) is to do more than create a web page or even a compressive web site.  The ultimate goal is to create a real web presence.

What is a web presence?

Forgoing a techno-jargon definition, web presence is having your web site or page, exist virtually on the internet in many other areas as opposed to the confinement of only your web address or URL.  As an example, imagine you have a company that sells widgets and you create a web site with an address,  If the only way people can find, see or become aware of your web site is to visit your exact home address (, then you have a web site that is confined to your address.  Alternatively, if people can find links to all over the internet, than you have established web presence.

Your brick and mortar store

You might look at your home web address as your storefront, your geographical location.  Now, you can do a lot of advertizing to draw in customers at your location.  The problem of course, is that potential customers must already be at your location to see the advertizing.  You advertizing is only effective with people who are passing by your store, or those who were already directly looking for your store.  Therefore, you would advertize and create a presence in other places such as the internet, telephone directories, television, newspapers, etc.  It is very much the same with your web page.  While you have your web site and methods to draw people in when they are directly searching for you, you also need to create avenues for people to locate you even when they are not directly in search of your store.

Attractive links

In much the same way that you took measures to insure that your web site address appears high in search engines (SEO), you need to create additional avenues or links to your web site and SEO those links.

Reciprocal links

In a related article here at Lead Generation Canada, we spoke of increasing the amount of web traffic and getting more leads online by adding your web address as a link to other web sites.  In addition, you can add those web site addresses to your page.  In this way, many people will find your site though they were not looking for you directly.  Another very effective method to help you create more of a web presence and kick up your lead flow is to write articles and do some blogging.

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