Establishing a web presence to generate leads – Part II – Blogging

You have a web page up and looking good and now you need as many methods as possible to draw traffic to your page to generate sales leads online.  Here at Lead Generation Canada, you have learned many methods and techniques to help you begin to increase web traffic and generate leads.  Yet the ultimate goal is to create a real web presence.

What is a web presence?

Having web presence, as we discussed in Part I, is to have your web site virtually listed all over the internet and not only at your home address or URL.  You need to create avenues for people to find you and insure the SEO viability of those avenues.  An effective way to accomplish this and drive more online leads to you is by writing and submitted articles and blogging.

What is a blog?

You no doubt heard the term blog and blogging before, but what exactly is a blog and how is it different from a web site?  A blog is technically a “web log,” or “weblog.”  Or more definitively, it is the blending of a web site and a log—hence blended log or blog.  In such, a blog posts and maintains log entries.  A blog can be a separate entity from a web site or part of a site.  A blog can have all of its log entries (posts) from one individual, a group of people or members or can be open to the public.  In every case, participants can post his or her ideas, thoughts and opinions about the target subject matter on the blog.  Usually, such blogs are interactive in where “bloggers” can communicate with each other through the blog.  In addition, many blogs allow the bloggers to post pictures and video.

Finding the right blogs

You may be thinking that Twitter, Facebook and such social networking sites sound like massive blogs, and you are correct.  In fact, leveraging the social networking sites you can dramatically increase the leads you generate online, and you can learn those techniques right here at Lead Generation Canada.  However, understand there are literally thousand s of blogs.  There are blogs for nearly every industry, idea, hobby and way of thinking: blogs on politics including every political party or concept imaginable.  There are blogs on industry, labor, sales, cooking, sewing, religion and blogs for fans of particular television shows and movies.

Get to blogging

Think carefully and search for blogs that may attract people who can be prospective leads for you.  Go to your favorite search engine and search for such blogs.  From other articles posted here at Lead Generation Canada, you learned many search techniques to help you get better results—use them.  Once you found blogs to participate, begin writing and promote your site while doing so.  While some blogs are obvious as to their commercial aspect, some are more subtle.  However, you can easily “mention” your site and always insert your web address.  Be sure to insert your link—it is your online business card.  Blogging, while it can demand some time, is a very effective way to generate more good sales leads online.

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