Franchise Lead Generation

You’ve got a great business concept – it’s turn-key, it’s in place and it’s set for the right entrepreneur to step in and run their own shop. Franchising is a brilliant business concept and the success of your franchise depends largely on finding new franchisees who want to learn out about what you offer, dig deeper and see how your company would be a fit for them and take the next step into business ownership.

What would it be like to have a steady stream of people interested in exactly what you offer, visiting your website and sharing their information with you and requesting you contact them to explain your company and concepts to them?

Having a lead generation system in place – one that works and delivers a consistent and steady flow of leads can be the difference between ultimate success and mediocrity.  What’s the best way to create that steady flow of visitors?

We believe it’s setting up a great and calculated organic search program. We think it’s far stronger than advertising – it costs less and it has more staying power. Having a great website is critical – it needs to be easy to navigate, well written, easy to understand and have answers to the questions that people have about franchising and about your franchise in particular.

Once you have that well established, you need visitors. Plain and simple. Having a great website doesn’t do you much good if people don’t see it. And honestly, unless the right people are seeing it- the people genuinely interested in what you offer – the traffic won’t translate into increasing your bottom line.

Getting found by the people interested in what you offer works best if when people go online and search their interests, you show up at the top of the search engines. Think about it – when you search for something, do you go beyond the first page? Probably not. People rarely do. In fact, most of us don’t go beyond the first 3 or 4 listings. That means that’s where you need to be.

If you’re familiar with search engines, then you’re likely aware that the top two or three results – that often appear in different color or in a shaded box – are paid results – they are advertisements. The same is true for the results that appear down the right hand margin of many search engines – paid ads. For people who are in the know – those aren’t the first links they’ll click on. Why not? Because we trust less what someone says about themselves than we do what others say about them.

Organic search results – the listings and links that appear on the top of the list below the paid results – are the best listing results on the internet. Those are the listings that appear because they have genuine relevance. Usually that means those sites are well visited because they already have a great reputation and are well known OR they have so much valuable, related and relevant content to the topic being searched for that they appear on the top because they ‘deserve’ to be there.

That’s where we want to see your company. Wondering how you get there? There are a number of ways. The search engines are constantly ‘crawling’ and ranking and re-ranking websites. They have a reason to ‘view’ and re-rank you when they ‘see’ that you’ve added new content or they see that other sites are linking to you. Content can be lots of things – it might be articles on topics relevant to franchising. You might incorporate a blog into your site, allowing you to regularly add content and the search engines a reason to be ‘looking at you’. You might create some short videos – they are easy to produce and the search engines love them – they get great rankings.

It’s no secret that people love to watch videos – more than they like to read. You could create some interesting short videos telling people why franchising is such a smart business option, you could give them information about how to choose a franchise, create a checklist of things they should look for. Other videos topics might be a tour of your facilities, talking about the training and support they’ll receive or what owning a franchise can mean to their financial future. There is no shortage of topics. Offer some of this information in exchange for their contact information and you’ve just generated an extremely valuable lead.

The search engines will incorporate your videos into their ranking of your site. The more it sees, the better your rankings. You can learn to do some simple keyword research and you’ll find out exactly what people are searching for –you can address those topics and create an exact match of your content and your audience.

It makes you relevant, it brings people to your site and it creates a steady stream of leads interested in exactly what you offer – building your web presence pays off in new business, qualified leads and a healthier bottom line. Building traffic using these organic search methods continues to build on itself, you’re adding value to your marketplace and positioning your company as an industry leader and expert. Lead generation doesn’t get any better than that!

Does your company need a website or lead generation system? Contact us or take our survey and see how Lead Generation Canada can help you!