Generate B2B leads online and get paid to learn

Part I – The Search

Does this sound familiar?  You are a good salesperson: you work hard and smart, study your craft and have a high closing average.  Yet you just cannot seem to keep enough good sales leads in your funnel.  Everyone is telling you that you can generate a ton of leads online—and often free.  Yet no one is able to show you exactly how to find good consumer leads online, let alone free.  Here at Lead Generation Canada you will find out how to generate leads online free and much more.  In fact, here is a way to generate free business leads online and perhaps even be paid to learn how to do it.

Business web sites

Many sales people sell products or services to specific industries or companies.  In which case, doing a search for those types of companies and businesses online to generate leads is a logical step.  Simply locate those companies’ web sites and gather the information you need.  However, as with most things that seem too simple, there are some tips and tricks that will help you be more successful and proficient.

Searching for web sites

First, in generating leads online by searching business web sites you will find that your basic generic search requests do not return a comprehensive listing of the web sites that you need.  For instance, if you needed to find sales leads online of restaurant owners and began by searching for restaurants in your desired area, you will find that the search results include a lot of additional and unnecessary hits other than the web listings.  A search for restaurants in White Plains, New York, for example, returns links for Wikipedia definitions, menus, reviews, guides, events, and nearly everything that has to do with restaurants and few actual restaurant web site listings.  Even the sponsor listing at the top of the page will contain sites other than what you are looking for.  Here at Lead Generation Canada, you will find tips that will help you better structure the technical wording of your searches to improve your results.  For now however, we will concentrate on basic search results.

Poor landing page design

Generic searching often returns poor results and although this is the result of a pure organic search, the low return is mostly due to the poor design and set up of web pages by the owners of the sites.  When a web page is not “tagged” correctly or sufficiently optimized for search engines, it will not appear or appear high in a search.  Search Engine Optimization, meta tagging and key word density are critical to the effectiveness of your web site.  (Something you can learn how to do very effectively here at Lead Generation Canada)

Search listings and guides instead

To get better results, go to a site that has listings of business in that category and search that site.  For instance, you may go to a yellow pages type of web site or simply enter, “business listings,” into a search engine.  From that site, now begin your search.  These sites have their own directories of the business you are looking for.  They already did all of the legwork in finding and compiling the list.  So use theirs!


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