Generate B2B leads online and get paid to learn Part II – At the site

If you are a professional sales person in need of more leads, want to find those sales leads online, and want to do so for free, then this is for you.  However, if you missed part one of this article, please go back and read it before continuing.

Search listings and guides

As you begin to search for business web sites, you will find the result of your search to be incomplete.  To get better results, go to a site that has listings of businesses in that category and search that site.  For instance, you may go to a yellow pages type of web site or simply enter, “business listings,” into a search engine.  From that site, now begin your search.

Possibly enough

Some business listing web sites will offer all of the information you may need without actually visiting the company’s web site.  For instance, if all you need to have a legitimate lead generated online is a contact name, address and telephone number of the business, you may be able to retrieve such from the business site.  However, if you need to visit the business site itself, there should be a link.

At the site

Once at the businesses web site, you may be able to gather some needed information.  Although some of it may be a bit tricky to locate.  Between the “About Us,” and the “Contact Us,” pages, you should be able to find much information.  You can often find staff members, manager’s names and owners.  You may have to do a little reading for some information and have to connect the dots.  Of course, you will locate the address and telephone number, as well.

While some sites have all contact information readily available, for others you may have to look around the page for some information such as email addresses.  (Here at Lead Generation Canada, you will find articles that will teach you how to enter codes that will help you actually search an individual web site, even if that site does not have an internal search engine.)


Note that many web sites will not list an email address only a link or form for inquires to “submit.”  However, if the form is such that it automatically opens your default email manager, then it will populate the “sent to” field with the email address.

Business Profiles

If you need more information, turn to a site that offers business profiles.  Simple go to your favorite search engine and enter, “business profiles.”  You will get many companies that offer a complete profile on thousands and millions of businesses worldwide.  While some of these companies ask for a small membership fee to access the detailed second and third level information, most will offer the basics, such as owner or manager’s name, company size and sales volume and number of locations all for free.

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