Generate B2B leads online & get paid to learn Part III – Paid to learn

Want to get paid to learn how to generate leads online?  If you are a professional sales person in need of more leads, and want to find sales leads online, and want to do so for free, then this is for you.  However, if you missed part one or two of this three-part article, please go back and read before continuing.

Get paid

You now have a good idea of several ways to generate business leads online —-for free from this and other related articles here at Lead Generation Canada.  Now we will show you  to earn a little money while practicing to generate free B2B leads online.  This is not for everyone, but if you have the time, patience and the desire, you can earn a few extra bucks as you learn.  First, a quick review:

The search

As you continue to learn ways to generate free sales leads online, you have learned to narrow and target your search for the business listing web sites by focusing on a site that lists the businesses you are looking for.  Go to a yellow pages or other such site that offers listings of the businesses in which you would like to turn into leads.

The site

You can then search the site and gather contact and other information.  You may have to look around the entire site and even have the site open your email operator to locate an email address.

Wrap it up

If needed, you can visit a business profiles site for additional information.  Now enter your info into a database or spreadsheet and you are set.


This method for generating leads online is effective and inexpensive.  However, it can be time consuming and even tedious.  When you have that combination of effective and inexpensive leads that require time to produce, then you will always find someone willing to pay for the service.  You can find people or companies who are willing to pay you to do exactly as described above and in the last two articles.

Getting paid to practice

A quick search of some popular freelance, work at home and regular job listings sites will reveal people looking for someone to help generate leads online.  Enter “freelance jobs” into your favorite search engine and check out sites like  Look for sites that offer virtual or online jobs.  Look under such headings as “lead generation,” “Internet research,”  “Internet marketing” “email marketing” etc.  You will find people and organizations that are looking for someone to search the web, locate particular sites, visit those sites, and gather contact information.  Most pay by the “lead” or email address, while some also include a small hourly rate as well.

So if you need to practice searching and gathering leads online from web sites, perhaps you can earn as you learn!

Happy selling.




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