Generate free consumer leads online Part I- Homeowners and household products

Does this sound familiar?  You are a good salesperson: you work hard and smart, study your craft and have a high closing average.  Problem is you just do not ever seem to have enough prospects.  You just cannot seem to keep enough good sales leads in your funnel.  Meanwhile, everyone including your sales manager is telling you that you can generate a ton of leads online—and often free.  Yet no one, including your sales manager is able to show you exactly how to find good consumer leads online, let alone free.  Here at Lead Generation Canada you will find out how to generate free leads online and much more.

Whom do you need to reach?

Depending the prospect demographics you require for sales leads, you will find articles and tips that are very applicable to your situation and some that do not apply to you.  However, whatever you sell, we have some help for you.

Homeowners and household products

If you sell anything that requires people who own a home or are buying or selling a home, you will appreciate this quick and easy method of generating some good sales leads online.

Homes for Sale

Go to your favorite internet browser and enter a search for homes for sale in the area you wish to concentrate.  For example, “Homes for sale, White Plains, NY”   Such a generic search will return many hits.  Remember, the sites at the top of the page are “sponsored” or paid sites, however, in this case—that may be just fine.  Those web sites will still list homes that are for sale in that area.  People who are selling their homes are in need of a plethora of products and services.

You will find that some of the sites do not give you the basic information that you may need such as the exact address of the home.  However, many will list the exact address and some will offer a name or email address.

Online Reverse Telephone/Address Directory

After you have gathered a list of addresses that you may use for direct mail or direct door-to-door prospecting, you can also then visit your online reverse telephone directory to gather more information on the leads you generated online.  Again, go to your favorite search engine, and enter, “reverse telephone, address directory.”   This will return many companies that offer a way to search an address and acquire the telephone number and name of the occupant.  Some of these reverse companies will want a small fee for this service, though you can find many that offer the reverse listing free.

Putting together solid leads online

You take an address that you acquired from a “homes for sale” site.  Enter that address in an online reverse directory and you get the telephone number, the owner’s name and often some additional basic information such as age of the owner and number of occupants in the home.  For a small fee, you can get more information such as to approximate income.  Keep in mind that some addresses may not return a corresponding telephone number or any information, but you will find the number that do to be sufficient.  You may be thinking to yourself, “Is this how companies get that type information on me?”  The answer is yes.


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