Generating Leads Online – Hot Tips & Tricks

You have heard the rhetoric before:  You want to generate a ton of good sales leads online?  It’s simple and easy!  Simply flip open your laptop, search online or just put up a web page and bingo!  You get thousands of leads!  Even free leads online.  While you may have heard this before, you may have found such truth to be quite elusive

Talking to your search engine

Part of the problem in searching the Internet for sales leads, whether they are business-to-business leads or consumer leads, is the way you “talk” or enter requests into your favorite search engine.  Here at Lead Generation Canada, you will learn numerous techniques and valuable online lead generating strategies.  However, learning a few simple and basic, core search techniques will save you a tremendous amount of time and money.

Boolean Operators

The Internet, as you well know is a massive database of information stored all over the world.  To find effectively what you are looking for you need exacting methods to tell the computer how to filter the information for the best results.  One way to help you on that task is to use simple Boolean Operators.  Named for the mathematician George Boole, Boolean operators help you relay a logical search understanding to the computer.

OR    AND    NOT

Using one or more of these three logical Boolean keys in your search will get you better results as you look for internet leads.  As an example, let’s say you were looking for dentist offices in Alberta, Canada and you enter “dentists, Alberta, Canada.”  In one search engine, this search returns about 322,000 hits.  You instructed the engine to return all pages that contain the word “dentist and Alberta, Canada.”




However, should you enter, “dentists, Alberta, Canada AND orthopedics,” the results drop down to 189,000.  In this way, you are commanding the engine to return ONLY those pages that contain BOTH words, “dentist AND orthopedics,” and of course, there are much less.


Alternatively, when you add, “OR orthopedics” for “dentists, Alberta, Canada OR orthopedics,” the results from the same engine jumps to 15,700,000!  Now, you instructed the engine to return pages with dentist Or the word orthopedics.  In this case, there are many more pages because you are asking the engine for either or of the word, but not the two combined.

Likewise, should you try, “dentists, Alberta, Canada NOT orthopedics,” you get 2,970,000 hits, since you now eliminated those pages that contain “orthopedics.”

Plus, Minus & Advance

You can also get similar type results by using a plus (+) or minus (-) sign.  In addition, most search engines have an “advanced search” option, which will allow you to enter such filters without codes or operators.  Use it!  Don’t be afraid to take a little time in the beginning of your search for online leads to instruct your search engine.  You’ll get better results and save money and time.

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