Generating leads online – more tips & tricks

Generating sales leads online requires time, skill and some practice.  Here at Lead Generation Canada, you will find a plethora of strategies and tips to help you from the most basic search techniques such as how to enter search terms into a search engine, to how to make your YouTube video go viral, and more.  Here though, are a few more of those very basic tips that will help get you going as you develop a lead base from the Internet.

Locate email addresses

You now know Boolean operator logic, and how to seek out directories of databases for business or consumer leads online, now let us go to the next level.  Here is the scenario: You used your favorite search engine and Boolean operators to narrow your search to locate the business prospects in your area.  Your sales process though, calls for you first to send an “opt-in” email requesting to send additional information only if the receiver agrees.  When they choose to accept, you then send other information and begin the process of trying to gain an appointment.  However, the web site does not list the email addresses of the prospects you need to reach.  What can you do?

The structure

First, find out the companies email structure—the set up.  On their web site, you will find at least one email address, even if it is just for information or support.  For instance, the company may have a address for more information that begins with, “Info@….” The remainder of the address, for most companies, will be how they structure everyone’s email address.  Usually, this will match the company’s web address.  As an example, ABC Widgets Company may have a web site address at “”  It is a fair bet that company email addresses will end with, “”

The name game

Now, find out how the company structures the email set up.  In other words, you find on the site one email for address Joe Smith that reads,  You can assume then that the company set up is, FIRST NAME.LAST  On the other hand, perhaps the firm’s set up is FIRST Initial-LAST NAME@…  In any case, once you have this information you should be able to construct the email address of the prospects you need to contact.

Let us assume you need to contact the purchasing manager, or the help desk supervisor and all you have is the name of the person from the company’s online directory.  From the company email set up, you can create the email address.

No name?

You may wonder what to do if you do not even have the names of your prospective leads.  What if you do not know the names of the prospects you need to contact such as a purchasing manager or the help desk supervisor or the VP of marketing?

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