Generating leads online – with just a few more tips & tricks

Using search techniques, you may have learned here at Lead Generation Canada to generate free business-to-business leads online, you’ve found your prospective companies.  However, your sales process is such that you need valid email addresses to continue to the next step.  The web sites have shown you the email set up, yet you do not have any names.  Perhaps you need to contact the purchasing manager, or the help desk supervisor or an IT director or maybe a VP of sales.  What do you do?

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First, we highly recommend that if you have not already done so, to read the first two articles in this series, “Generating leads online – Search tips & tricks.”

Go forward with PC commands

The Internet, being essentially a humongous computer database, understands commands much like you home or office PC, Mac or laptop.  In most search engines, you can use many of the same search commands to find web pages, (which are actually just files in a database) the same way you would to find files on your hard drive.

The *

The asterisk (*) in computer search term stands for anything, or all matches.  For example, imagine were trying to find a file on your computer saved as a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.  If you could not remember the name or location of the file, you could search for all files that are saved as Excel spreadsheets, by entering, “*.xls.”  MS Excel spreadsheets end with the extension, xls.  So by entering the *. before, you asked the computer to find anything or all matches that have the extension xls.  Remembering your Boolean operators, you can combine the input scenarios to search the internet for your leads.


Who, what or where?

Attempting to find a purchasing manager at ABC Widgets Company, you could enter into a search engine,  ( “purchasing manager*” +abc widgets ).  Or ( VP, sales*) or ( helpdesk* +abc)

You are asking the internet to return pages that have the desired information.  Ok, perhaps the name of the help desk manager is not located on the company web site.  Chances are that this person’s name and position appear somewhere on the internet.


Taking this a step further while searching online for free business leads with email addresses, directly enter the asterisk along with the company’s email set up.  * . With that, you will get hits containing pages that list email addresses that end with

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