Generating more online leads with your web page – Links and reciprocal links

If you have been following this article stream here at Lead Generation Canada, then by now you have a good idea of how to create a basic web page or site and many methods to generate a lot of online sales leads.  Creating and launching a web page is not difficult, yet generating “traffic” that converts into viable sales leads online, takes planning, a considerable amount of work and practical knowledge.

If you build it, they will come.  Not necessarily.

You are now aware that simply setting up some web space is not enough.  You have to establish methods and forces that help drive leads to your site.  You must take measures to help your site show up high and consistently from search engine requests.  Many of these measures we have discussed in early articles.

1.      Landing page design

2.      SEO content

3.      Key wording

4.      Search engine and directory submission

5.      Meta tagging

6.      Photos and videos

7.      Smart phone accessibility, and more

A few more key and free web-drawing ideas

While there are many additional methods to strengthen the SEO of your web page that involve a financial investment, here are a few additional ways to generate leads online that require nothing more than some time and patience.

Related Links

A large percentage of web sites on the internet today will have a section or a page entitled, “Links”, “Related Links”, “Additional Information”, or something of that sort.  There, the site will list many other web sites that relate to their products or services and will imbed links directly to those other web sites.  For instance, a site that sells birdcages may list related links to sites that sell birds or bird feed.

Join the links

Think of as many sites as possible that can relate to your product or service.  Then visit those sites.  You will find that many sites that have a links page, will allow you to add your web site link to their page.  Many sites have a method for you to do this on your own in where you directly add and post your site and information, while other may require you to contact the web master.  In either case, this is a powerful way to increase your web traffic and generate more online leads.

The key to the City

City (county) visitor’s guides and directories are a very good starting point.  These sites wish to have as much information about a certain area as possible.  Therefore, they welcome all types of businesses to list their web site.

A Win – Win

Adding your link to another web site provides value for both parties.  You now have your page listing in more areas on the web and therefore will get more hits.  The site that hosts your link provides more information for their visitors and gets more visits.

Reciprocal Links

The scenario becomes even more of a mutually beneficial concept when you exchange links.  They agree to add your link to their page—you do the same on your page.  Some web sites may insist on a reciprocal link while others desire the opposite.


Adding your page to dozens or even hundreds of other web sites will dramatically increase the number of leads you generate online.  It can be a time-consuming process, but well worth the effort.

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