How to create a lead generating web page – Meta tagging, site submission

You have decided to create a web page to generate leads online.  Quickly you found that creating, launching and hosting a web site is a piece of cake.  However, generating web traffic to your page is not as easy.  Many a sales person and businessperson have come to the ugly reality that just because you put up a web site, does not mean people will visit it.

If you build it, they will come.  Not necessarily.

In Part II of this article, we talked about the importance of the SEO content of your landing page.  While there are many paid and sponsored methods to achieve a SEO page, we spoke of organic or free methods to help SEO your site.  The first thing to do is carefully insert keywords to a density of 3% to 5% each.  This percentage is comfortable and can appear very natural.  Any more than this and you run the risk of looking phony and having little actual usable content on your site, only a method to draw people.  Over dense key wording is also called “search spam,” a type of reverse spamming.

Meta Tags

Another method to help SEO your page is to use meta tags effectively.  Meta tags are essentially keywords; however, they do not appear or change the appearance of the actual web page.  They are keywords that exist behind the scenes.  Meta tags also help describe the page to some search engines.  It is imperative to create a sound, clear and keyword heavy description of your web page in the meta tag.  Make the description condense, but informative. Leave out non-important words, if you must.  Your description does not have to read like an advertisement to read aloud by a human.  Instead, remember that a computer will decipher and examine the description.

Imbedding meta tags into your page by direct HTML editing is quite tricky and requires HTML knowledge.  However, most off-the-shelf web page design software applications and most of the online services offer the option to enter keywords as meta tags, in which case all you do is type in the words and the application does the rest.  When you see that meta tag area—use it.

Site submission

Another help to getting your site and landing age to appear high and often is web search results, is to submit your site’s address (URL) directly to search engines and directories.  It is true that once you register your domain name and launch the site, it is available to search engines.  However, your odds increase sustainably if you submit your site address directly to the engine.  Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Google and the like all have a site submission offering.  Simply go to one of the sites or type in “site submission at yahoo” for example.  Then follow the steps to submit your URL.  There are also services that are very inexpensive that will submit or register your site with dozens of engines and directories (some lesser know ones), every little every helps.

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