How to create a lead generating web page Part I – Its easy

You have heard it all before:  You want to generate a ton of good sales leads online?  It’s simple and easy!  Simply flip open your laptop, search online or just put up a web page and bingo!  You get thousands of leads!  Just like that, you are inundated with thousands of sales leads and most of them you generated online for free!

That Simple?

If you do not believe it is quite that simple….you are right.  It is not.  However, generating leads online for little or no cost, is achievable and you can learn exactly how here at Lead Generation Canada.

Two options

While there are literally hundreds, even thousands of different ways, methods, techniques and strategies on how to generate leads online, they all basically narrow down to two options:  Proactive or Reactive.  That is, either you will go get them, as in doing active web searches to find leads.  Or, you can create something such as a web site, banners or videos that attract online leads so that the leads come to you.  Here at Lead Generation Canada, you can find valuable teaching on each method.  For this article, we will begin to show you some techniques on getting those leads to find and come to you.

The Web Page

Today, creating a web page or a complete web site is perhaps one of the easiest things to do in the virtual world.  This is due to the fact that there are hundreds of available tools and helps to walk anyone thorough the creation of a web page.  Unlike years ago, when you had to understand programming languages like HTML or XML, today, you barley need to know how to click a mouse.

Search engines and social networking

Nearly every popular internet search web site such as Yahoo, AOL, Google, MSN, etc, etc. and etc., offer an easy to follow, step-by-step guide to creating a fast and inexpensive web page.   In addition, nearly every one of the social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and so on, offer a quick and simple web page set up.  Everyone is offering to give you some “space” and in most cases, you simply click the design and style you prefer, answer a few questions, and bingo!  Your web page is up and running.

Desktop Software

If you prefer something a little more difficult and customizable, there are dozens of desktop application tools available and most require very little or no technical understanding.  If you can create a desktop flyer, you can create a good-looking web site.  In fact, if you can use standard word processing software, you can create a web page.  Create a document using Microsoft Word, for instance, and choose to save it as a web page—–done!

What is the problem?

Well, you may be thinking, if creating a web page is so easy, then why isn’t everyone rich from an abundance of sales and leads from the internet?  While creating, launching and hosting a web page is not difficult, generating web traffic, appearing high in web searches, motivating people to submit inquires and creating real web presence, is another story entirely.

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