How to create a lead generating web page – Part II – The Page

Ok, you have decided to create a web page to generate leads online.  You may have found that actually creating, launching and hosting a web site is easy.  Yet, (in particularly if you already have owned a web site), you realize that generating web traffic to your page is not as easily achievable.  Many a sales person and businessperson have come to the ugly reality that just because you put up a web site, does not mean people will visit it.

If you build it, they will come.  Not necessarily.

Soundly constructing a web page, generating web traffic and further converting that traffic into viable leads, requires, skill, knowledge, patience, planning and training.  Many traffic-generating methods require a fair amount of money and here at Lead Generation Canada you will find valuable teaching on using strategies like Pay Per Click, and banner advertizing.  For this article however, we will concentrate on a few techniques and strategies to help you get started that you can implement for little or zero cost.

The Landing Page

Technically your landing page can be any page (or group of related pages) on your web site.  However, as the term implies, the landing page is the page on your site where visitors first arrive after clicking a link to your site.  As you can imagine, this landing page is critical to your success of generating leads online.  It serves as the first impression and often you do not get a second chance to make that impression.  Secondly, and critically important, is that you have to have the page structured correctly.  After making a good impression and grabbing attention, your page then must motivate people to take an “action.”  Finally, and most importantly, are the steps you must take to ensure that people actually get to your web page in the first place.  You web site has to be in position and set up so that people have the opportunity to see and click your link.  You need to have your page appear when people enter certain keywords into their search engine.  The higher up on the results page that your site appears, the more visits your site will receive.  You can have the coolest, snazziest page on the net, but if no one sees it, you will not generate any leads.  Your web site, in particularly your landing page or pages, have to be set up, structured or optimized so most search engines will find your site and display it high on the results page.  Organic SEO

You may have recently heard the term SEO.  It stands for Search Engine Optimization.  Your landing page should be SEO designed.  As mentioned, there are paid or sponsored methods to help SEO your web page.  However, we will offer a few simple and free or organic SEO techniques right now.

Keyword Words

One way to optimize your page for search engines is to use keywords as a specific percentage of the total words on the page.  You must develop a set of keywords; words that when people enter them in a search—you site appears.  Think of words and phrases that describe your site and services, but also think of related words.  A dry cleaner web site for example, may have the obvious keywords such as dry cleaning, cleaners and laundry, yet should also use words like, pressing and clothing.  Populating your site with strong key words is essential and it starts from the way you name your site.

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