How to create a lead generating web page – Part IV – photos, movies and more

You have decided to create a web page to generate leads online and you found that generating web traffic to your page is not very simple.  Many a sales person and businessperson have come to the ugly reality that just because you put up a web site, does not mean the sales leads will flow.

If you build it, they will come.  Not necessarily.

In parts II and III of this article, we talked about the importance of the SEO content of your landing page.  The first thing to do is carefully insert keywords to a density of 3% to 5% in your landing page content.  Then you need to add sufficient meta tagging to the underlying structure.  Now let us look at a few additional options that when added to your page will help increase your SEO and traffic, increasing the amount of leads you get from your online prospecting.


Adding photos and illustrations to your site will help you get more hits and hence derive more online leads.  As you add a photo to your site, the photo needs to have:

1.      A title

2.      A description

3.      A tag (keywords)

Remember, that your keyword density should never be more than 5% or 6%.  However, we saw that you could increase the keyword effect with meta tags that do not actually appear on the page.  Therefore, meta tags do not disrupt your content.  You can do the same with photos.  Each photo gives you the opportunity to increase the keywords, without adversely affecting the landing page wording flow.  In addition, it is important to note that often people are conducting web searches in popular search engines, but are NOT searching for web pages.

Search options

Every popular search engine offers the option to search for web pages or images or video and more.  So, if you owned a birdcage store in Seattle, Washington, and someone right next door to you, in the same area, entered a “photo or image search” for birdcages in Seattle Washington.  If you did not have a picture with a title, description or tag of a birdcage on your site, you would not appear in that search result.


The same is true with adding videos to your site to increase traffic and online lead generation.  You have the addition of the video’s title, description and keyword tags.  In addition, you have the technical specifications of the video.  Many people search the Internet looking for videos that are in a particular format.  Should you have MP3 content on your site, you will attract people looking for information in MP3 format.

Smart Phone accessibility

Another important aspect of designing your landing page to generate leads online is to know if your site or page is accessible via cell phones.  Today, this is a critical point.  Now many web-hosting services help this happen without you doing anything.  The site detects the viewers’ device and automatically redirects the viewer or reconfigures the web page to match the device.

However, you want to consider carefully the most popular method that potential leads may view your site.  Is your lead base primary on the road, in classrooms?  Will most prospective leads more likely be using their home PC or a Smartphone?  Determine the most common method your leads will use to contact your site, and design your site and accessibility options accordingly.

Make certain your site will be accessible to smart phones.  From HTML in the past to XML and now such techno languages as XHTML and WML (wireless markup language).  Again, your web server or that of your hosting company may already have this technology as most 3G networks do.  But make sure.

Keep it fresh!

Now with all of these great and attractive features on your page, you have to remember to keep it fresh and new.  Update your page often.  Rewrite and update old articles and blogs.  Kill old pictures and replace them with new ones.  Switch around your landing page to a second or third page.  Just as your page can become stale to those who visit often, your site and “headers” that appear as search results can also become too familiar.

Blah, blah, blah…

Let us imagine that Mary Samsung has created a great web page to generate leads for her new self-published cookbook.  She did everything correctly including SEO, keywords and meta tags.  When searchers look for cookbooks, her site appears high and for a while, she generates some good leads.  When her site appears, it shows her main tag lines and descriptions from her home page as well of the URL.  It looks something like this: “Good healthy recipes for good healthy living….”  From this, many people clicked the link and visited her site.  However, many people did not click that link.  For whatever reason, that tagline did not attract them.  Should Mary leave everything as it is, her leads will continue to diminish.

New and exciting

Mary, however understands the importance of keeping site fresh and often revises her page description, pictures and content.  After some changes, Mary’s site still comes up high, but now with the introduction, “Good food does not have to taste bad!”  This new line attracts a different set of leads, though the same market.

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