How to create a lead generating web page – Structure

Ok, you have decided to create a web page to generate leads online.  You may have found that actually creating, launching and hosting a web site is easy.  You now realize though, that just because you build it, does not mean that leads will come.  You carefully developed a SEO effective URL and have a slew of good keywords.  Now let’s look at the set up and structure of that landing page that will help you maximize the amount of leads you generate online.

Key Word Density

After developing a sound URL, use keywords throughout your site.  Develop a few primary keywords and then “pepper” them throughout the wording on your landing page, carefully without making it sound too obvious.


Most SEO experts will agree that an effective keyword percentage or density is 2% to 5% or 6% per keyword or key phrase.  You can achieve this and maintain a natural content and flow.  Simply divide the key words (counting each time it appears on the page) and divide it by the total number of words on the page.  If you have two or three different strong and relevant key words, and can use each 3% to 5%, you would have a powerful draw to your site.

Visual impact

In setting up you r site, you want to make sure that your landing page delivers an instant visual impact.  Use colors, pictures, and video.  Be creative, but be careful not to make the page too busy.  Use pictures that are relevant in name to your site.  In other words, use pictures that are also keywords, then name and tag those pictures correctly.



At first sight

A few key elements must not only grace your landing page, but must be instantaneously recognizable.  When people hit your page, they MUST see these things immediately: (according to and depending on the objectives of your site)

1.      A “contact us link” or “more information” link

2.      A “order” “place and order”, “make an appointment,” etc. link

3.      A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) link or an area that accomplishes this

The point is that you must give visitors the basic information that may need to take action—at their fingertips.

Just tell me how much!

How many times have you saw something that caught your attention on the web, and went to that site with just one question you would like to have answered?  You believe you are ready to order the product and all you would like to know is how much is the shipping cost.  You go to the site, and you cannot find the answer to that question anywhere.  You have to search the site, read tons of other nonrelated information, and expend a lot of time.

Now and later

In this new techno age of instant information, instant decisions and impulse action, you must give your visitors the ability to make decisions instantly.  While many visitors to your site will require more information and contact, many are ready to act immediately—help them to do so.  Do not force people to go through your whole sales presentation if they are ready to act.  Make certain that the vital information people need is readily available and very easy to find.  Make certain the “next step” is easy to complete for your visitors and you will generate more leads online.


More on structure, next


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