How to create a lead generating web page – A Smart URL

Ok, you have decided to create a web page to generate leads online.  You may have found that actually creating, launching and hosting a web site is easy.  However, you now know the importance of using keywords to help SEO your site and a few other techniques you learned here at Lead Generation Canada to help you generate more leads online.  Populating your site with strong key words is essential and it starts from the way you name your site.

Smart URL naming

Remember, the key is to set up your site so that when people enter your key words, your site pops up high.  Think carefully when naming your web site address (URL – Uniform Resource Locator), or home page address.  While it may seem sensible to develop a nice cute “catchy” address, it must be relevant to a search.

“Joe’s Smooth Ride and Glide”

Remember to think about your site home address as if it where your actual physical address for a brick and mortar establishment.  You must attract people to your location.  As an example, Joe Smith owns a store that sells automobile tires.  Like any good businessperson, Joe puts up a great big sign on the front of his store to attract business.  However, Joe’s motto is that he sells the smoothest riding tires in town; so Joe puts up a sign that reads, “Joe’s Smooth Ride and Glide.”  Most people will not immediately associate that name with tires, and hence, Joe is losing a lot of business from passersby.  Likewise, people who enter a web search for “auto tires,” will not see Joe’s website that he named, “”.  Be practical, basic, and even blunt with naming your URL.




As mentioned in other articles, when generating leads online, you want to set up links and reciprocal links all over the web.  Your smart URL will aid in this process as well.  In our above example with Joe, he now names his site,, and generates many more good sales leads.  Also, as Joe writes articles, blogs and establishes links all over the web, his URL begins to help create a web presence.  When someone does a search for auto tires, Joe’s home site appears as well as the links he has all around the web, all of which direct leads to his site.

Alternate landing pages

You may also want to use alternate landing pages for different sites and links.  For instance, with Joe, he has links to his site on various directories and other web sites.  On his main page, Joe concentrates on tires for the average car owner.  However, Joe has links on sites that are for car enthusiast, collectors and racing sites, so Joe creates another page on his site for those prospective leads and uses that page URL for those links.  Joe’s home page is,  However, Joe’s alternate landing page may be  In this way, people from those sites go straight to the areas of their interest, helping to motivate people to action and generating more good sales leads.

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