How to generate free business-2-business leads online – Free industry directories

A primary thought to keep in mind when generating leads online for free, is that you want to find business that want you to find them.  Depending on the nature of the business, some companies do not wish to list their information where every sales company can easily locate them.  These companies may do little retail business and therefore can opt to list only in areas their clients frequent.   If these types of businesses are your target market, do not worry.  There are search methods to find them as well, which you will also find at Lead Generation Canada.

Where do they need to be?

However, many businesses need to make it easy for you and everyone else to locate them and will list themselves in every place they can.  As you search for free business leads online, begin to think of what areas your target lead businesses need to be to advertise their services.  Businesses list on sites like the Chamber of Commerce, yellow page directories, city and county directors and more.  If your target market is businesses that service the travel and tourism industry for example, then you can bet they will list in areas they believe people are looking for those services.  So, do the same.  Think like a potential customer of the businesses you are looking for instead of them being a prospective customer for you.

Also, begin to think about places where your prospective customers go to meet other professionals in their industry and to stay up to date.  Most professionals participate in some type of continuing education, read industry periodicals, attend industry seminars and are active in various networking groups.  Think of such groups and organizations and hit those sites.  Often, you will find some information as to membership and links to connecting businesses.

Industry Directories

One great resource to generate free business-2-business sales leads online is to search industry specific directories.  Simply go to your favorite search engine and enter the industry along with “business directory” or “business listings.”

For example, you may enter the search, “dry cleaners business directory” or “directory of dry cleaners.”  Keep in mind as always when you are looking for free leads online, to be careful of the sponsored results that return on the top of the page, as it is more likely these sites will charge a fee for their services.

Additionally, such an industry search will return a wealth of information beyond just the business listings themselves.  These sites earn money from the advertising in their pages.  Such advertising will also be from organizations and other sites that target the same industry businesses as you.  Therefore, note those links and visit them.  Keep your eyes open to the ads as they can open many doors and networking opportunities.

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