How to generate free business-2-business leads online – Free online business directories

Some of us are old enough to remember the old days when to find some basic business lead information, you simply picked up the local yellow pages telephone directory or the “criss-cross” reverse directory to find business leads.  Generating good business leads online today, you can actually use some of the same, although much more advanced search methods.

Unbelievably, one way to find leads online is simply to enter a search for “business listings,” or even “free business listings.”  The results you get from this search will vary from your paid or sponsored sites that appear at the top of the page, to other paid services to a couple of sites or directories that are actually free.

The Yellow or White Pages

You can narrow your search of online leads and produce a better-targeted list if to go to a Yellow Pages or White Pages business directory.  You will find there are several organizations that have the term, “Yellow Pages,” or “White Pages,” in their name.  You can also search for a yellow or white page directory for a particular city or geographic area.  However, most such sites offer a national list of results allowing you to narrow your search.  While typically a yellow page directory is for businesses and a white page directory is for consumer contacts, you will find that most offer both business and consumer listings.

Simply go to your favorite search engine and enter a search for yellow pages or yellow page business listings.  Keep in mind the numerous paid or sponsored listing that will appear at the top of the search page results.  Those sites have paid to have their company list at the top of the page and therefore usually these companies will have fees associated with their services or will be more aggressive in making a sale to you.

Choose your yellow page directory site and go.  The site will prompt you to narrow your search by a category and geographic parameter and will return the business leads with basic information.  You will see business name, address and telephone number.  Many listings will also have their web site and a link to it, where you can find information that is more detailed.

Many of these yellow page type directories also group or map all of the search results.  In other words, when you search for “Restaurants in Yonkers, NY” for example, the search returns a list all of the restaurants in the search area and pinpoints their locations on an interactive map.  This can be extremely valuable especially if you need to set appointments to make a physical visit these businesses.

You can also group these leads as you enter into you database in close geographic area helping you to work even smarter.  You may develop of group of leads of businesses located on the north side of town or all along a particular street for example.  Work proficiently and your online-generated leads will always produce more and cost you less.

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