Introduction To Lead Generation

For most businesses, new business is the what keeps business booming and the bottom line growing. That means getting and keeping your company and your brand in front of the people who are most interested in what you offer.

By far the most cost effective way to accomplish that in the 21st century is online. And the most cost effective way to generate new leads for and interest in your business is using organic search.

Interestingly, on the web, no matter your budget, what’s most effective is also what’s most cost effective. On the internet, as in the offline world, you can pay to advertise and while it’s become less and less effective over time, it’s also become increasingly expensive. Why? Business competition is one reason – the popularity of the internet is another.

The most common way to advertise online – Pay Per Click (PPC) is priced by demand. The more people that are searching for a certain term or keyword, the more expensive the ad. It’s pretty much a no-brainer to realize that if there are a lot of people searching for what you offer, you’re in the right business. However, it also means that buying ads in your category can cost a fortune – sometimes as much as $10 per exposure. Bear in mind that an exposure is just that – someone looking. If they stay at your site 7 seconds or 7 minutes, it costs you the same price per click. The costs can add up quickly. You could be out of budget before you’re done testing. The good news? There’s a better mousetrap (or way).

Push vs. pull
PPC advertising falls into the ‘old’ category of push advertising – where you ‘push’ a message out into the world – and hope someone pays attention. Organic search – the better alternative from our point of view – falls into the direct opposite camp: pull marketing. With pull marketing, you’re bringing interested people to your message. It’s more focused and more effective.

Organic Search
Let’s define organic search. Think of anything you’ve searched for on Google. You enter the word or phrase closest to what you are looking for or are interested in. Very rarely does anyone go beyond the first page of results. The listings that come up in that first page – with the exception of the top 2 or 3 that appear in the colored box, the rest are the organic results that appear because there are most relevant to what you’ve requested.

The key is to be as close to the top of that first page as you can – those are the top organic results and it’s where you want to be.

Getting to the Top

Keywords are the secret weapon for being found online. Keywords are all about relevancy and relevancy is the secret to being found. When the content on your website is naturally full and constantly updated with relevant information that is exactly what people are searching for, you’ll get better and better placement on the search engines and can eventually come to dominate the search categories relevant to your business. For more information relevant to your business type or niche, refer to these articles:

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