IT Lead Generation

Generating leads for your information technology business and having a steady flow of visitors to your website interested in what you offer can put you way ahead of your competition. You’re selling products to a specific and focused marketplace and you want to reach people who have a genuine and better yet, pre-qualified interest in what you sell.

It used to be that advertising was the first thing people thought of when they wanted to reach new customers. Advertising can be focused, but it’s also costly and it doesn’t get easier over time – it tends to get more expensive. There are other options online that are cost effective and add value to your business as well. Win-win.

Having a great website is a huge business asset. If it’s easy to use, engaging and well-written and contains what people are looking for in your niche, you’ve already got a leg up on your competition. In order for your site to bring you business and benefit to your bottom line, you need to bring visitors there – regularly and often.

There’s a great way to do that and provide value for your customers and prospects and generate leads and new business for yourself in the process. TO accomplish that, we recommend organic search.

Simply defined organic search is anything you do to get visitors to your website that isn’t paid advertising. The great thing about building traffic, getting visitors and ultimately business through organic search methods is that you feed directly into the culture of the internet, which could be defined as ‘give to get’.

What is meant by that oft-used term is simply an exchange of value – in internet currency, that’s generally information that has practical to use to the people who are your target audience. By providing valuable content and information, you build trust and credibility for your company, but you also provide yourself the opportunity to become known, to become an authority in your market space. By sharing information that has genuine meaning for people, you gain an audience – in this case an audience who is looking for exactly what you offer.

There are several ways to do it and they’re all straightforward.  The thing to bear in mind as we present some of these methods is that, over time, you are building a tremendous resource. Unlike advertising, which is here today, gone tomorrow, rarely looked at more than once in a given window of time, the content you create and place on the web stays there forever, building a resource that lasts and provides on ongoing worth for your audience.

These resources can be in the form of articles, or perhaps short videos that explain your products, how they fit in your potential customers’ life and some simple tutorials on how to use the products. You can offer visitors to your site a free report, white paper or mini-course (audio, video or written) in exchange for their contact information. It’s one of the most powerful ways you can easily generate qualified leads at your site.

Say for example you sell a piece of software that helps your customers organize their inventory. You can create content that addresses issues with inventory management and talks about how to resolve them. You might show them how to use your software – while demonstrating how simple it is, people get familiar with your product, your style and they are being ‘sold’ while learning something of benefit.

You might be surprised that providing that kind of information would benefit you. Or you might be thinking – how can I offer valuable information for free? Won’t we be ‘giving away the store’? Truth is, when you offer real value for free- what your prospects think is: Wow – if they give me this much at no cost, what will I get when I actually spend some money – it must be phenomenal!

Social media and the transparency created by the easy access of information online has changed forever how we do business and what we expect from the companies we do business with. By becoming part of that culture and sharing some of ‘your best stuff’ with your target market, you will gain respect, you’ll build credibility and trust and all the while you’ll be getting rankings online with the search engines. How? You’ll be creating content with relevance in your marketplace. The more content you create the more the search engines will find you relevant – the easier you will get found and the more visitors you’ll get at your site. Likewise, by providing content at other sites and getting links to your site, you’ll get better rankings and more traffic as a result.

This is the essence of organic search – being found because you’ve positioned yourself as an authority by published useful information relevant to your marketplace. It’s a solid strategy that builds on itself and offers you the chance to win more business and outstrip your competition.

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