Lead Generation Software

Generating Leads effectively and consistently is critical to the success of your business. After all, it’s what makes sales and builds your company and the bottom line. Once you have an effective lead generation strategy in place, you need a system to process and follow-up with your leads, turning them into prospects and eventually, loyal and ongoing clients and customers.

You may have heard the expression the fortune is in the follow-up. The list of interested leads you generate can turn into a very valuable asset – depending on how you handle it over time. It’s common knowledge that people often have to see a message as many as nine times before taking action. Being in contact with your list on a regular basis allows you to build relationships, credibility and trust.

How you handle the ongoing follow-up and ‘maintenance’ of your valuable list can easily be the difference between massive success and mediocrity. Fortunately, you don’t have to create systems, or figure out a way to get this done efficiently – there are plenty of systems in place and software you can use to manage your list(s), schedule your mailings and even track conversations and contacts and schedule appointments.

It may take a bit of time and effort to find the program that is the exact right for your business, but once you have that in place and learn to use it regularly, you’ll find that it not only saves time, but makes you money as well.

If you’ve not familiar with these types of software or programs, let us give you a brief overview of how they work. There are several options available– you can buy software and store it on your computer, or you can subscribe to software that is web-based – both have their own advantages. Software that you purchase often comes with excellent ongoing tech support and once you’ve made the purchase and own the software, you don’t incur ongoing expense. If you have a good back-up system for your computer(s), your list is safe ‘living’ on your computer system.  You may find you have more flexibility with software than you do with a subscription service. Service providers need to be very careful about anti-spam laws and some go to an extreme just to stay safe – that can sometimes, but not always, be a challenge.

Subscription services have the advantage of being off-site and regularly backed up – they’re very safe. There are many reputable companies and they update and upgrade their systems often, so you always have access to the latest technology and improvements and some companies offer excellent tech support as well. Many offer templates and help you look good and save you the time and/or expense of creating a template yourself. You do pay a monthly fee for subscription, but for some business owners, spending a little bit each month is preferable to a large cash outlay all at once. Again, most reputable companies are very strict about their spam policies, so you have to be very careful to work within their guidelines, which is generally simple to do. If you find a company is not to your liking, you can always export your list and try another plan.

Once you choose a service or software, you can import contacts, in the form of a spreadsheet or .csv file or you can enter each name as you generate it, or if you’re using a subscription service, many have a function of capturing names on your site, confirming opt-ins and in effect, building your list for you. That can be very convenient as well as clean and simple.

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