Life Insurance Lead Generation

You’re looking for the ideal prospect interested in the life insurance products you offer. Having a steady flow of leads and prospects in the pipeline is what generates sales, repeat business and referrals.

Ideally, you’d like to have a steady flow of qualified prospects visiting your website and sharing their contact information with you, perhaps filling out a brief survey so you can understand their needs and know in advance how you might best serve these prospects.

You may be thinking: ‘Sure, I’d love a steady flow of prospects to my website – prospects who are already interested in what I offer – how can I make that happen?’ You may have looked into advertising your products or your website on the internet and you may have quickly learned that it can be cost prohibitive. It’s one of the reasons we favor organic search and search engine optimization of your site.

Why? It’s simple, it’s straightforward, it’s a solid long-term strategy that you can build and add to over time. The more you ‘work’ this strategy the more effective it will be for you. If you’ve ever searched for anything online – and most of us do it fairly regularly – you know that it’s the first thing many people do these days when they’re looking for products and services.

What happens when you look for any information online? The search engine return results for your topic based on the rankings of any given website. The most visited, trafficked and ‘relevant’ sites come up at the top of the page. A ranking simply refers to where you ‘fall’ in relation to other sites in your field or category. Getting improved rankings is what moves your site higher on the list, making your company more easily found. Think about it for a moment – when you do a search and a page of results comes up, do you ever go beyond page one? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t get beyond the first few listings.

That means you want to be found as close to the top of those listings as possible. That’s where organic search and rankings come in. Think of a search engine as a sophisticated octopus with arms and tentacles all over the internet. Searching engines use sophisticated logarithmic equations to look at every site and ‘decides’ where to position it.

Why would a search engine look at your site and rank or re-rank it? Simple. New content. Links to your site from other sites. Indications that there is activity and interest in your website. That’s what the search engine ascertains by constantly searching and seeing where there is activity. The more activity, the more it ‘likes’ you or ranks you.

Essentially what the search engine is telling the searcher is: this site is relevant, lots of other people thought so, it’s active, it’s happening, it’s a worthwhile site in your searched category. People who are familiar with and use the internet frequently know the difference between a paid search result and an organic one. The paid results are usually at the top or side of the page, often in a different color.

Organic results appear below the paid results. It doesn’t take long to realize that there is more value in the site being frequently trafficked, being ranked because it provides value to it’s’ visitors as opposed to an ad that screams: visit me, because I say I’m good. Who do you trust more? The organic rankings have much more credibility and validity for most users.

How do you get those organic rankings? Remember, the search engines have eyes everywhere – they see when you add new content, they see when someone else mentions you. They see how much information you have on your site that is relevant to what someone is searching for. For example if your site doesn’t have much content and you don’t mention the words ‘life insurance’ very often – you’re just not seen. If instead you not only mention life insurance often, but you add new content in the form of articles, audios, videos, links to other sites where your visitors can find relevant information, you’ll get the attention you want – first from the search engines and then from your subsequent visitors.

As the search engines see you as more and more relevant, they improve their ‘view’ or rank of your site. You might post some interesting and pertinent material on other websites – creating links back to your site which are perceived as highly valuable by the search engines. It indicates to them that other sites are paying attention to what you’re doing.

Can you begin to see that getting ranked organically is directly tied in to how active your web presence is? It’s as if you’re being rewarded for being a good citizen and providing value. By giving people more of what they want and providing genuine value to them, you get more of what you want – visitors to your site and exposure for your company.

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