Loan Lead Generation

If you’re in the loan business, you need a steady stream of people looking to borrow money that you can talk to about your services, your rates and your reputation. What better way to create a steady stream on interested and qualified leads than through your website?

If you’re not currently using your website as a lead generation tool, here is some valuable information about how you can do that cost effectively – driving more qualified business and building your credibility and value with your prospects and clients at the same time.

Having a great website that you’re proud of – that’s easy to navigate and easy to understand is critically important to your web presence. If your website is the best in the world and no one visits it – none of that really matters, does it?

Visitors, that you can convert into qualified prospects and then into customers and clients is a great use of your website. There are a number of ways to get traffic to your site, but none is a better long-term and solid solution than organic search.

Think about your own experience searching for information online. You choose a search engine and you enter some words or phrases and within moments, you have thousands, even tens of thousands of websites that might have just what you’re looking for right at your fingertips. Sometimes you have to take a few passes, trying different words and phrases to get the right results.

You’re probably aware that on many sites you get a lot of results that are paid advertising. Many people choose the organic listings over the paid listings – those are the results that show up below those first few links on many search engine sites – and they have more credibility because the search engine says they’re good by having them at the top of the list – not the company itself through paid ads.

The search engines are constantly on the hunt – ‘crawling’ the internet ranking and re-ranking websites based on their content. The more relevant content a site has and the more people who visit and link to it, the better the site is ranked.

Organic search is just that – being found by the search engines for being relevant and related to any search in any field and then being ranked well so that people find YOUR site when they are looking for a loan.

How do you get ranked well? By providing great information on loans, you can even by specific and target it to your city or region – make you site full of the information your prospects want and need. Perhaps you write about getting a loan – what you need to know and do. You provide a checklist of things to prepare and have ready – maybe you explain how to get your credit scores and how to understand them.

You do some simple keyword research to learn what people are searching for and provide it to them – for free on your site. By giving away information, you build trust and add value. Some of the information – several pieces, or one key piece is something you give away in the form of a free report, or paper, or checklist perhaps – in exchange for your visitors email address and possibly phone number (you can keep that optional so you don’t miss out if they don’t want to provide it). By doing this, you’ll create one of the most valuable assets any website can produce: a qualified lead who is interested in exactly what you offer.

Now that you have their name and contact information, you have the opportunity to get it touch with them and start to create trust and build a relationship, offer your services and build more business and your bottom line.

Organic search works, it has credibility and genuine value – for your company and your prospects. It’s a win-win solution for solid lead generation.

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