MLM Lead Generation

There are a number of great ways to generate leads online for your MLM
business. To begin with, you want to focus on who your ideal prospect is.
Knowing exactly who you are looking for increases the likelihood of finding
the right people and is generally most cost effective as well.

When generating leads for an MLM business, you can target a wide range of
the population since the common denominator for people looking to start
a business is entrepreneurship and that cuts across every demographic

There are a number of ways to find people and be found online. Some are no
cost, some require and investment – we’re going to give you some ideas for
both categories.

In our opinion, it’s always better if you have a place to ‘drive’ traffic – usually
your own website. It’s possible to lead generate online without a site, but it’s
much more effective to be able to draw visitors and capture their information.
It makes it easier for your prospect and all good marketing makes it as easy as
possible for people to be in touch with you. You can however use a ‘capture’ or
landing page instead of a full blown site and that’s a good idea in some cases –
especially when you’re running a test.

Let’s talk about some ways to get interested visitors to your site and then we’ll
discuss what to do with them once they get there. There are number of ways
to bring attention to your site. You can advertise – on Google, Yahoo, Bing,
Facebook or LinkedIn. There are other lesser known sites, but these sites get
a lot of traffic and if you can afford a presence on them, you can move things
more quickly. In marketing and business – fast is always better than slow!

Those sites all offer pay-per-click (PPC) ads where you can run an ad and
know in advance what it will cost each time someone clicks on your ad. You
can set a daily budget and decide how much you want to spend.

Generating MLM leads by writing articles and creating videos are two very
effective no-cost methods to get your name, your products and business in
front of people. There are a number of article sites that are well-known where
people go to get information about every and any topic you can think of. Ezine
Articles, Go Articles and Isnare are good resources and you can easily find
others. Stick to short and informative articles in the 250-300 word range.

Creating short videos with information that is useful to your audience is a
great way to get your site ranked. The good news about videos – they’re easy
and quick to produce and 2 – 3 minutes of content is the perfect video length.
You don’t have to produce these professionally – set up a webcam, comb your
hair and put on a clean shirt and start generating leads. You upload the videos
to YouTube and then put them on your site. It’s simple, it’s easy and you can
learn how to do it at YouTube. Again, stick to interesting, useful information
that is of interest to your target audience.

Talk to people about the MLM industry – about residual income and leverage,
about working from home on a part-time basis and earning full-time income.
Explain your products, talk about your company and tell them how you can
help them get started and build a business. Video gives people a chance to see
who you are and Google loves video, so it gives you a good opportunity to get
your site ranked on Google and FOUND.

Once people come to your site, set up a simple opt-in form so that your
visitors can sign up for a free report, get updated information or both. You’ll
get their name in exchange for that offer and you’ve just created a hot lead
that has genuine interest in exactly what you offer.

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