Mortgage Leads

You own a mortgage company and you’d love to have a steady flow of visitors to your website of people who are in the market for mortgages. They’d learn what you offer and become qualified prospects for your company and eventually clients, getting their mortgages and/or refinancing their properties through you.

On the internet, content is king. Having great content and tying that together with a strategy for getting great rankings and being found online is a smart solution to lead generation; creating a steady flow of prospects who are interested in exactly what you offer.

Organic search on the internet offers you the ability to participate in the ‘new marketing’ – bringing, or PULLING people to you – people who are interesting in exactly what you offer. In the ‘old days’ of marketing, it was all about PUSHING out a message in the hopes it would be seen by someone who was looking. That’s what happens in more traditional media like newspapers, magazines, radio or television. You put your message in front of the general public hoping it falls in front of some people who are in the market for what you offer.

On the internet, you have the opportunity to consistently generate qualified  leads who are actually in the market for mortgages and there are a few strategies you can employ that are simple, straightforward and get great results. If you think of your website as your online ‘store’ or the public face of your company where people go to learn about what you offer and what they need, that’s a good start.

There are two important components to pay attention to – what people are looking for and how that overlaps with what you offer. We favor ‘organic’ search and ‘organically’ generated traffic because it’s cost effective and it’s a better long term strategy than Pay Per Click or buying ads. Why? Because it’s more relevant to your marketplace and better for your web presence and your wallet!

It’s about getting good ‘rankings’ in the search engines, which simply means when people are looking for a mortgage company, your company is the one they find. You might be thinking “sure, that would be great, of course I want them to find our company, but how do we make that happen?”

It’s probably simpler than you might realize. Search engines, like Google are constantly indexing and re-indexing every site on the web; looking for content on any given site that is relevant to what people are looking for when they are searching any particular topic.

You can do some simple research and learn exactly what people are looking for and then you can use those words, phrases and terms throughout your site so that the search engines recognize your site and give it increasingly better rankings, putting your site closer and closer to the top listings. This is important, because as you’re probably aware from any searching you’ve done yourself, most people don’t go beyond the first few listings they encounter and rarely do they go beyond the first page.

By doing some simple keyword research like the keyword tools found in Google Adwords, you can quickly and easily find out what people type in when searching for mortgages.

Let’s say for example, people commonly put in ‘affordable mortgage’ or perhaps they type in ‘mortgages’ and their city. Say that city is Toronto and the common phrase is “Toronto mortgages”. That’s your cue to start putting content on your site – real content that has value that mentions Toronto mortgages often enough that the search engines will see it and categorize it. The proverbial light bulb goes on and the search engine, wanting to give people what they are looking for finds many instances of that phrase on your site, making it high ranking in the Toronto mortgage category.

By adding fresh content, in the form of relevant articles, videos and audios, you can keep the search engines recognizing your site in mortgage searches, while also providing valuable and useful information and resources for your target audience and establishing your company as an expert in the field. All of this combines to get you found on the internet by the exact people you want to discover you: people in the market for what you offer. Never before has it been so simple to capture market share, to dominate the internet airspace and be where you’re most likely to get seen.

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