Telemarketing Lead Generation

Despite the popularity of email and the internet, telemarketing and ‘working the phone’ is still one of the most powerful sales and marketing strategies available.

If you are making phone calls, or have a team of people making calls to introduce qualified people to your product or service – you’re perfectly positioned to use the internet to generate a steady stream of qualified leads. Depending on what you offer, an internet generated lead is someone you can follow up with to provide information, move further along in the sales pipeline, or, close the sale because you’ve generated a qualified lead through your website who is already ready to make a buying decision.

One of the best commercial uses of the internet is a source to generate a flow of qualified leads, cost effectively and efficiently. You might think immediately about paid ads and the huge expense of buying ‘click through’ advertising. With pay per click advertising you are spending money – based on a pre-determined payment schedule and agreement to get people to click on an ad and link through to your website. Whether someone spend two 2 seconds at your sites or 30 minutes, you still pay the same amount for that click-through. So, it’s important to understand that’s what you’re paying for. Your site needs to be compelling and should have a way to capture the name and email address of any visitor – this will help you get more out of your marketing dollar. A visitor can then turn into a prospect, because you’ve captured their name and can stay in touch with them over time.

Using other methods, particularly getting traffic to your site using organic search methods, is more cost effective and can create more qualified leads in the process. Essentially, organic search is about being found online. Particularly being found by people who are looking for what you offer. Let’s say for example you offer plumbing and heating services in various cities.

Your company has done well having telemarketing representative call, ask what type of heating someone uses in their household and finding out when their system was last serviced. You talk about the safety and health concerns that arise when someone doesn’t have regular maintenance performed on their heating system.

Let’s take this a step further. What would it be like to call people who have ‘raised their hand’ and said “I need my heating system serviced – I’m concerned about our health and safety, because we haven’t had our heating system checked in a while and I don’t know how often it should be serviced”. Wouldn’t that be a great prospect to be calling on the phone?

When someone in one of the cities you service is interested in what you offer – guess what? The majority of them get online, go to their favorite search engine and look for a company that offers what they need. They don’t go to the yellow pages. You need to be where they’re looking and you need them to find you, not your competitor.

This is where organic search comes in and is a powerful business and lead generator. It’s about getting found – it’s about being among the first few results that come up. How do you do that? By having information on your site relevant to what those people are looking for. Plain and simple. Have enough of that information and the search engines will rank you as relevant and move you closer and closer to the top of the page. Continue to add more and more relevant information and get ranked over and over and get moved higher and higher in the results.

Following our previous example, imagine your create a report or a short video on how often you should service your heating system. Another piece on the dangers of not doing it regularly. Another piece on the efficiency of various types of heating. Another piece on green solutions. By doing this you’re building a valuable resource for your clients and prospect and it’s helping you get ranked and get found.

Think about it – if you were looking for someone to provide service and you found three websites and one was full of information that was genuinely helpful and useful – which company would you call? The one who just talked about how great they were, or the one that helped you in a real way? It’s a no-brainer and that’s what organic search is all about.

Provide information that has genuine value to your target audience, keep adding more and more to your site – give some of it away in exchange for their email address and phone number – and some just because they’ve visited your site and you’ll develop a telemarketing list that’s solid gold. You’ll build credibility and a great reputation in the process and you’ll grow your bottom line as a result. It’s win-win on the web.

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